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“Sky Star Walker illuminates the path of the modern Medicine Woman during these times of tremendous evolutionary change. Through Angelic Shamanism, Sky master blends a myriad of healing systems from energetic healing and shamanism to the principals of Spiritual Alchemy.

Sky offers dynamic yet practical forms of physical healing, therapeutic counseling and spiritual growth. Those who are led to the path of Angelic Shamanism accomplish a spiritual transformation of self, turning the dark mystery of the subconscious into the alchemical gold of wisdom and enlightenment.

As one who has journeyed the path with Sky for over 15 years I can say Sky is not just talking about vibrational energetics and alchemical healing; she has healed herself and is now a living bridge to an ancient wisdom that can inspire you to use the power of your heart to awaken your own innate gifts and Divine Nature.”
Jeanne M. Russo - Christ Consciousness Intuitive


"Sky is a remarkable woman and healer. Incredibly dedicated to her own healing, Sky shows us the value of "walking the talk". Let Sky walk with you on your healing journey, into the true meaning of your life."
Dean Ramsden -
Developer of Relational Energy Healing


"While Sky worked on me I felt held in very Sacred Space. The integrity of her spiritual guidance and energetic intuition is profound to the level of not having words to describe it. I highly recommend Sky’s work for all levels of healing."
Joyce Kendall - RPP, Herbalist, Yachak Shaman

"Sky stands tall in the essence of who she is. She displays a laser sharp inner knowing, an unwavering commitment to walking in her truth and a powerful calmness that is transforming the planet with love. Her work touched the depth of my being and I continue to receive fruit from the seeds that were planted.
Amy Shields - Psychotherapist


"If you're looking for energetic work that is powerful, clean and permanent, check out Sky. Her own dedicated work on herself has made her a pure channel of healing. She is one of those rare healers who truly helps your life transform."
Suzie London MD (MA) - California

"I just learned that a very special human angel will be leading a Fire Ceremony at the Fall Retreat in NC. Sky is a rare and beautiful being. Participating in a Fire Ceremony, Oneness Blessing, or receiving an energy healing through her is an experience no one should miss. Sky walks her talk, living, sharing and radiating Divine Love into the world each and every day, raising the vibration on planet earth and in everyone she touches. ADL is so blessed that she will be there sharing her gifts. I hope that the retreat participants will have the opportunity to have individual sessions with her, as I have. I've also been blessed to have received all 3 levels of Integrated Energy Therapy teachings and attunements from Sky. She is an awesome instructor, gifted and guided by the angels in this and in all she shares with the world." Michelle Willard- ADL Minister 

It has been seven days since this powerful ceremony and now I am finally able to write my thoughts and feelings. I feel so joyful and grateful to have assisted & supported Sky during this beautiful ceremony. She brought shamanic medicine from her recent trip to Ecuador and shared her wisdom, love, respect and support for each individual. The Fall Equinox was a perfect time to honor the balance between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere with ceremony. She also shared the prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle. Sky walks her talk and is a very powerful and respectful healer, demonstrating how to walk the path of compassion for all sentient beings on our earth. Thank you, Sky, you help me make my dreams into reality. Patti Spina – Massage Therapist

"The quality and integrity of the healing work Sky offers is without parallel. Using her own unique method, a synthesis of the various healing traditions she has spent more than 25 years studying, Sky is able to aid in facilitating the deep release of emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic blockages. One of the biggest gifts I have been given in life is the abundance of energetic clearing I received from Sky as a child. It truly allowed me to thrive in this world. She holds space for authentic spiritual unfoldment from a place of deep presence. Not to mention that simply stepping inside her "office", a beautiful healing sanctuary containing Tibetan Thangka's, powerful animal medicine totems, and the best food you are going to find in Sarasota, is a healing in of itself."

Steven Lubka  - Crypto Investment Avatar



"I am writing to say that I deeply appreciate the work that you are doing. You are a manifestation for me of faith restored and hope procured. I look forward to our future healing sessions. The energy of our healing circle last night reminded me of the energy of being in a meditation intensive, diving deeply into the sacred energy. It is such a delight to find a true Shaman. I am deeply grateful to have met you and to have the privilege of working with you. With great respect and love." Laurie Lincoln-Mystic Heart™ Artist/Healer


I became Sky's student of Integrated Energy Therapy, as well as her client. The experiences that I've had with her expertise and abilities are beyond words! If you're ready for serious transformation, I encourage you to explore the possibilities with Sky! Jane McCarthy - Personal Empowerment Facilitator