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Private Sessions

Private sessions are for those who are ready to explore themselves, their relationships and their highest potential.  These tend to be curious, courageous souls who are seeking more out of life, and who can no longer be satisfied with the status quo.  Private Sessions support those on the journey inward toward greater self-awareness.

Some people have private sessions because they are confronted with physical issues; others face emotional pain, trauma, addictions, stress or relationship challenges. Still others are looking to grow spiritually, to discover their unique soul's purpose in life and to manifest their hearts desires more fully.

Private sessions incorporate all of my life experience and expertise with healing energy, extensive training and the remembrance of my innate healing gifts.

A private session is a very powerful, yet gentle, healing experience.


All sessions are intuitively guided and unique to each individual, dependant on the clients needs. A session begins with a dialogue of what the client brings to the session. 

Sky's energetic offerings can include:

A Oneness Blessing is offered to open the heart, quiet the mind chatter, open doorways to higher states of consciousness and deepen our connection to the Divine within. It begins to dissolve negative life patterns, releases traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels, and facilitates deep emotional and physical healing.

A hands-on healing energy session is offered, which facilitates a deep clearing of energy blockages created by repressed emotions, physical or emotional trauma, habitual life patterns or limiting belief systems. The energetic clearings take place on a cellular level by means of gentle touch working on a Higher Self level. This clearing and rebalancing of the energy field promotes healing on all levels. Through energy work we can clear patterns and blockages in our energy field that are karmic or genetic in nature. The energy sessions offer a transmission of empowerment energy which takes you to your next level of  personal and Spiritual growth.

A shamanic smudging and cleansing is offered directing the healing energies of "Pachamama" (Earth Mother, All Directions and Universal Cosmic Energy) to clear blockages and energy patterns in the energy field to support the return to health and wholeness.



"The quality and integrity of the healing work Sky offers is without parallel. Using her own unique method, a synthesis of the various healing traditions she has spent more than 25 years studying, Sky is able to aid in facilitating the deep release of emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic blockages. One of the biggest gifts I have been given in life is the abundance of energetic clearing I received from Sky as a child. It truly allowed me to thrive in this world. She holds space for authentic spiritual unfoldment from a place of deep presence. Not to mention that simply stepping inside her "office", a beautiful healing sanctuary containing Tibetan Thangka's, powerful animal medicine totems, and the best food you are going to find in Sarasota, is a healing in of itself."

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On going private sessions can lead to a

deep level of inner transformation.

All sessions are received

on the phone

Private Sessions:

Private Sessions are one hour




Booking a Session

In order to schedule a session and  hold a day and time  payment is
 required upon request of session. Sessions are prepaid and billed to your
 email address via PayPal. PayPal or Credit Card can be used.

Email Sky to schedule a session:


 Cancellation Policy

Cancel 48 hours before session receive a full refund.

Cancel less than 48 hours payment is non-refundable.


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Appreciation for Oneness Blessing Appreciation for a Private Energy Healing Session



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