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Integrated Energy Therapy

Healing with the Energy of Angels


As a Master-Instructor for 18 years, Sky continues to share her passion, wisdom and empowerment of Integrated Energy Therapy with individuals and in workshops.

Sky has been awarded as one of the Top Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructors for many years.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is the next generation hands-on energy healing systems that empowers us to gently, powerfully and effectively release the energy of repressed emotions that are connected to physical and emotional trauma. This clearing occurs without having to relive the original trauma.

Integrated Energy Therapy is a heart-centered modality that supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to claim your highest potential as you evolve into your future. The IET clearing and balancing of the energy field promotes healing on all levels.


Integrated Energy Therapy offers three dynamic, experiential, and life-transforming classes open to anyone seeking a quantum leap in their Spiritual and personal growth. These Spiritually progressive trainings combine experiential development of subtle energy healing facilitation, knowledge, wisdom and perception with the emphasis on clearing the human energy field on higher vibrational levels to ultimately Unify and return us to our True Nature of Love.

Each level of the training provides unique and empowering benefits. These trainings may be experienced in one weekend or separately, as a three day program for empowering your personal energy matrix.


IET provides Spiritual energetic tools and energy attunements for lay people and health care practitioners that serve as a catalyst for each person’s Spiritual growth, self-healing, and emergence of the unique energy healer within. The tools, benefits and attunements from each training may be used on a personal basis and/or can enhance the skills of professional healers & health care practitioners.  

After clearing, IET reintegrates and balances universal life force energy to flow easily throughout the energy field resulting in good health and wellness.  This clearing and balancing of the energy field promotes healing and empowerment on all levels.

IET is a perfect compliment to any path of awakening to your Divine Nature.


 Class Testimonials

Sky is an approved provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider.

Class Descriptions

 Fully illustrated training guide and certificate provided with each class.  

Continuing Credits offered for

Massage Therapists.

Sky was one of the 4 IET practitioners that met for 5 years monthly with the developer of IET, Stevan Thayer which formed the Wisdom Group. Through the collaboration of the Wisdom Group, Stevan channeled many messages from the Angels and discovered more about the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. Many of the IET Steps to Transformation were formulated during the Wisdom Group Meetings.


Upcoming Classes:

Schedule of Events Page



Register for IET Classes
Basic Level: $215
Intermediate: $230
Advanced: $230
Deposit: $50 per class

Reciprocity: $675 for all 3 classes

Deposit: $50 per class

 Cancellation Policy:

Cancel 30 days or more in advance and receive

refund less a $25 processing fee

Cancel 30 days or less forfeit deposit


CE's offered for Massage Therapists

8 NCBTMB CE Contact Hours are available for each level: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced  IET classes. There is a small processing charge ($15) that the student must pay to receive their CE hours. Simply contact your trainer at the class you attend, and let them know you would like CE hours (they will have the paperwork to fill out).


After you have made your payment

please send an email to with

your name as you would like it to appear on your certificate,

address, phone # and email address

to complete your registration. Once received I will send you an email with further details and directions to attend the class.


Click on the links below
to use PayPal to register for your classes


Deposit $50 per class


Basic Level Class $215:


Intermediate Level Class $230


Advanced Level Class $230


All 3 Classes $675



Click on the Golden Lotus

to use a credit card to register for your classes

put the price for classes in the Price Per Item box




           IET Training Testimonials           

"Sky is angelic herself, very focused, a brilliant transmitter of the IET material, very passionate and compassionate with ease, gentleness, clarity and deep devotion. Deep Peace and Gratitude". L.S.

"Extraordinary, full of Grace, beyond words, way beyond. Profound bliss. " R.S.

"IET is such a beautiful gift, a priceless treasure. Sky is a gifted teacher and healer. It is my honor to be taught by her." L.S.

"I became Sky's student of Integrated Energy Therapy, as well as her client. The experiences that I've had with her expertise and abilities are beyond words! If you're ready for serious transformation, I encourage you to explore the possibilities with Sky!" J.M.


"Sky’s instruction was perfect and the training powerful. I am most thankful for this incredible journey." Many thanks for an incredible experience. I feel blessed to be learning such a beautiful tool from such a beautiful soul." R.S.

"I am writing to say that I deeply appreciate the work that you are doing. You are a manifestation for me of faith restored and hope procured. I look forward to our future healing sessions. The energy of our healing circle last night reminded me of the energy of being in a meditation intensive, diving deeply into the sacred energy. It is such a delight to find a true Shaman. I am deeply grateful to have met you and to have the privilege of working with you. With great respect and love." L.L

"Everything I anticipated and so much more! Sky, you are amazing-amazingly gifted teacher, healer and Being of Light. Thank you!!" M.W. Peru

"WOW!! it was an honor to have been instructed by Sky. She is brilliant. We are all blessed to have attended her class" L.D.

What an awesome lifetime experience! Definitely out of the box. IET is certainly a gift to the human race. I look forward to sharing it with those who are guided to receive the gift through me. L.S.

"Thank you! It was a truly beautiful experience which I will carry within always." S.B.


"This class was amazing! I am so grateful for this experience. Sky, the love you channel is so special. Thank you." C.H.


"Sky is an awesome teacher! She explains everything so well. I was worried there was so much information, but Sky was precise, fun and very cool to be around!" L.D.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" M.W.

"The experience has been phenomenal! I would recommend this to those who wish to grow and expand their Spirituality personally and professionally." C.H.

"Once again, Sky rocks!! L.D.

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience with you learning/becoming certified in IET...& so much more.
I'd advise everyone interested in learning from you to quite simply pay the price & prepare for a most unique & transformational weekend (seriously). Sky, you amaze me with your tireless patience, wealth of knowledge & peaceful, yet direct approach to teaching. Although you assure us anyone can learn & perform IET, to have such a loving spirit & fire in the belly, as you exude, is something to aspire to.
A nurse for 25 years, I was so impressed with your use of time (yours & ours) using every single moment of teaching to it's fullest, never wavering or seeming the least bit tired right up to the last minute on Sunday.
Learning from a teacher who LOVES what they do is simply a dream come true. Not to mention I literally experience an unexpected healing of my own, something medically tested, seen, felt & documented by several MD's, now after just one IET session is gone...gone!
I have experienced & learned more than words will ever express. Thank you & thank God for YOU! Hope to see you again soon. Hopefully @ Master Class!
With heartfelt thanks & much respect." D.C.






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