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  IET Class Testimonials

"Sky is angelic herself, very focused, a brilliant transmitter of the IET material, very passionate and compassionate with ease, gentleness, clarity and deep devotion. Deep Peace and Gratitude". L.S.

"Extraordinary, full of Grace, beyond words, way beyond. Profound bliss. " R.S.

"I became Sky's student of Integrated Energy Therapy, as well as her client. The experiences that I've had with her expertise and abilities are beyond words! If you're ready for serious transformation, I encourage you to explore the possibilities with Sky!" J.M.

"I have known Sky for over 35 years. She is a benevolent healer and her sessions are dynamic and far-reaching. Sky sources and anchors healing energy through her mastery of Integrated Energy Therapy and shamanic practices. She creates an environment of ease and support and thus brings one to a balanced, healed state. As a Oneness Blessing Giver, Sky provides a sacred opportunity to connect with Spirit. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to experience Sky's brilliance and grace." A.G.

"Sky is an ascended healer, her experience, integrity, knowledge and humility creates a trusting environment for clients and students to make life changing shifts. Thank you Sky for sharing this amazing healing technique" N.L.

"Sky’s instruction was perfect and the training powerful. I am most thankful for this incredible journey." Many thanks for an incredible experience. I feel blessed to be learning such a beautiful tool from such a beautiful soul." R.S.

"I am writing to say that I deeply appreciate the work that you are doing. You are a manifestation for me of faith restored and hope procured. I look forward to our future healing sessions. The energy of our healing circle last night reminded me of the energy of being in a meditation intensive, diving deeply into the sacred energy. It is such a delight to find a true Shaman. I am deeply grateful to have met you and to have the privilege of working with you. With great respect and love." L.L

"WOW!! it was an honor to have been instructed by Sky. She is brilliant. We are all blessed to have attended her class" L.D.

"Thank you! It was a truly beautiful experience which I will carry within always." S.B.

"This class was amazing! I am so grateful for this experience. Sky, the love you channel is so special. Thank you." C.H.

"Sky is an awesome teacher! She explains everything so well. I was worried there was so much information, but Sky was precise, fun and very cool to be around!" L.D.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" M.W.

"The experience has been phenomenal! I would recommend this to those who wish to grow and expand their Spirituality personally and professionally." C.H.

"Once again, Sky rocks!! L.D.


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