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Shamanic Fire Ceremony


During this auspicious and unprecedented time of Spiritual Awakening on our planet, we gather in ceremony Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul. Sky was initiated and recognized as a Shaman by the Yachak Shamans in the Otavalan Valley of Ecuador. Sky has also been recognized to be a Shaman since birth by a Tsachila Shaman Elder.

During her journeys to Ecuador, Sky received many rigorous Initiations and participated in several ceremonies that are unique to the indigenous Shuar Tribe of the Ecuadorian rainforest.



As well; she has trained with many Indigenous Shamans from Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. She shares the vision of the Indigenous peoples, to 'build a bridge’ between Indigenous cultures and North America with the goal of re-connecting with our true nature of pure heart-centered consciousness.

Through Sky’s Shamanic Alchemy, she skillfully guides us through a powerful cleansing and  empowering Fire Ceremony working in collaboration with the  elements (Air, Earth, Water and Fire) all directions of nature, the power of the universe, our ancestors and Divine consciousness of Love.

This ancient ceremony supports us to connect with the Divine Presence within, to share our gifts in the world, our passion, Joy and the wisdom that resides within each of us. The ceremony helps us in releasing limitations and obstacles to living life in our highest potential.

Join Sky as we open the doors and invite Spirit to work deeply with our Soul’s journey. This transformational evening offers a powerful cleansing of your energy field of energy blockages and habitual life patterns. The alchemy that will take place this evening offers a quickening of your karmic journey. Each participant will receive a shamanic healing. This ancient ceremony promotes healing on all levels.




"Fire Ceremony allows for rapid transformation. Fire provides the avenue to let go of the old story and drama, to transform, to renew and to be reborn. Through fire ceremony, you honor your lessons and old belief structures by placing them in the fire and turning them over to Spirit. By releasing these old patterns and beliefs into the fire, you heal deeply at the level of the soul."

During our Fire Ceremony we invoke the four directions, ancestors, the Earth energies of Pachamama, the universe and the spirit of the fire. This ceremony offers a cleansing of your energy field and karmic patterns of long pending issues. Join us as we connect with the heartbeat of the Earth and sacred drum.

"Before coming to the fire circle, create an offering out of burnable materials, typically a small stick. This “spirit arrow” can represent an issue or something that needs to be honored in order for you to let go of it. The offering serves to focus one’s attention in active meditation. The object can be decorated or left as is. Connect with what you are honoring, releasing, the Blessings in your life, or what you are envisioning into being. Using your breath, blow this intention or prayer into the offering several times.

One additional offering is then placed in the fire for the Mother Earth. It is typically called the “Pachamama” stick, or “Mother Earth” stick. Each person in the circle will blow their prayers for the planet into the offering before it is placed into the fire." 





It has been seven days since this powerful ceremony and now I am finally able to write my thoughts and feelings. I feel so joyful and grateful to have assisted & supported Sky during this beautiful ceremony. She brought shamanic medicine from her recent trip to Ecuador and shared her wisdom, love, respect and support for each individual. The Fall Equinox was a perfect time to honor the balance between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere with ceremony. She also shared the prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle. Sky walks her talk and is a very powerful and respectful healer, demonstrating how to walk the path of compassion for all sentient beings on our earth. Thank you, Sky, you help me make my dreams into reality.

Patti Spina – Massage Therapist

I was invited by a close friend to attend a Shamanic Fire ceremony. I have been to previous fire ceremonies but, never one so powerful as the one Sky Star Walker performed. Sky helped open my heart and made me feel as if I was flying and releasing past issues. The experience was so enchanting, warm, comfortable and safe. The full moon was in it's glory, the owl wings were fluttering, the fire was burning and it was unbelievable to be in the presence of such a powerful Shaman. I most certainly if given the chance again to attend another ceremony with Sky, would be there. I can not thank her enough for sharing her wisdom and power with me. Love and Light. T. M.

I just learned that a very special human angel will be leading a Fire Ceremony at the Fall Retreat in NC. Sky is a rare and beautiful being. Participating in a Fire Ceremony, Oneness Blessing, or receiving an energy healing through her is an experience no one should miss. Sky walks her talk, living, sharing and radiating Divine Love into the world each and every day, raising the vibration on planet earth and in everyone she touches. ADL is so blessed that she will be there sharing her gifts. I hope that the retreat participants will have the opportunity to have individual sessions with her, as I have. I've also been blessed to have received all 3 levels of Integrated Energy Therapy teachings and attunements from Sky. She is an awesome instructor, gifted and guided by the angels in this and in all she shares with the world. M.W. ADL Minister

"Knowing Sky for many years, I've seen her "walk the walk" to become the gifted healer she is today. I recently had the opportunity to experience a Fire Ceremony, Oneness Blessing and IET session with Sky. Each energy exchange with Sky was extremely loving and brought forth within me the highest energy available, enabling me to manifest the highest version of myself. Empowering and sacred work. Thank you, Sky."
Jacalyn Jackson, CSW & Psychotherapist.


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